Saturday, March 9, 2013

Will STC (Scholarship Tax Credits) solve the voucher problem?

Real conservatives must be wising up about vouchers, as I see several articles promoting STC over vouchers, because of the propensity for government interference in private schools with vouchers.

But if you think that STC (used to be TTC - Tuition Tax Credits) solves the problem, you've got your head in the sand.  What the government giveth, the government can take.  Whether it gives a voucher and follows it with regulations or gives a tax credit (for whatever it wants to promote, like using natural gas in cars), it can and will follow with regulations for that credit.

There is NO way to get government subsidy or tax benefits without the government getting their hands in the pie.  STC might take a little longer for the government to stick their nose in it, but it WILL come.  Make no mistake about that.

The only way to stay free is to pay for it yourself.  You take their money or credits and they will direct it their way.  If you don't trust the government with your kids, DON'T seek their money (which gets taken from us first) OR their tax credits.  They are more like bait than benefit.